Sector Thesis

At Mehta Ventures, we engage with entrepreneurs in all sectors. That being said, our expertise lies in the Deep Tech, Consumer Brands, Enterprise B2B, and Consumer Internet sectors. When we look at a sector, we look for:

  • Rapid Growth – the space you are in should be growing fast
  • Market Leaders: No company should have already taken the pole position.

Investment Criteria

investment criteria leadership


We believe in finding teams that have a proven track record in their field of operation, and are capable of articulating a clear vision and strategy. We invest in teams that have the irrational fire in their hearts to accomplish what they’re aiming for armed with a solid business plan. Each individual should be exceptional in their own right, and the team should be such that its value is greater than the sum of its parts.

investment criteria potenitional for scale
Potential for Scale

We seek businesses that have non – linear growth potential, and a team that has the ability to achieve that growth across markets. We invest in businesses that show us how large they can be, and how they will achieve that scale. Businesses with markets that can potentially cross boundaries, are growing, and with no major incumbent players are most attractive to us.

Investment criteria technological innovation
Technological Innovation

We seek businesses that have the technological X – Factor to make their product or service irresistible to potential customers. If your product or service can not be easily replicated, can be scaled, and is beyond what most people could imagine, we are looking for you.

investment criteria business innovation
Business Innovation

We seek businesses that innovate in business models, that believe in growth hacking, that plan to get more for less. We look for businesses that create their own markets or have looked at untapped markets in an unforeseen manner. Teams that disrupt the status quo, establish new paradigms, and pioneer services for untapped markets – we are looking for you.

investment criteria competition

We prefer to work with businesses that have a sense of their competitive space. Our preference is for businesses that are in a less crowded space, with a lack of major incumbents, and with an unfair advantage over most competitors. We prefer markets where there is precedent for the success of new startups.