Before You Pitch

It’s always good to ensure you’re ready before you send along the pitch deck. Here are some pointers on how to shape your deck:-

  • The first line that investors should read is a succinct description of your business. Make sure you add one at the beginning of your deck.

  • Giving a background of the team early on, especially if it consists of top level education or experience in scaling / previous entrepreneurial experiences, gets the investors’ attention. Ensure you’ve shown why your team is the best.

  • Show us the problem you are solving, and the magnitude of the problem in terms of target customer segment, target addressable market, and so on. Tell us how you’ve come to these conclusions. A real problem, with well researched data to back them up gives investors confidence.

  • To consolidate this confidence, add how you are solving this. What’s your product? What’s your go – to – market? How will you execute all that you’ve planned?

  • A startup that is aware of its competitive space is well received. Tell us that despite competition, what enables you to rise a head and shoulders above other competitors? What’s the differentiator? What’s the x factor? How will you create a moat tough for competitors to cross?

  • A product is incomplete without an accompanying business model. Show us how you will make money; What are your primary revenue channels? What are your projections going ahead? When will you break even? How will you achieve this or even better growth?

  • In simple and clear terms, mention your expectations about funding and valuation to the investor. Mention how you plan to use this funding and keep it visual. Investors like to know that the funding asked for is justified.

  • A cherry on the cake would be linking to a product demo, and / or showing us customer feedback. Show us media coverage. Any validation that you can give adds to an investor’s conviction.


Now that your pitch is ready, click the button below and send us your deck.